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"In September 2014 our family of 5 installed a 5600 kWh system on our Southbury home. We live on the top of the Flag Swamp Hill and our house faces south, so we knew it would be ideal for solar. We were were interested yet very hesitant towards making the solar investment for our home, hoping the investment would be worth it. After spending a year researching and contacting a variety of companies on the installation, benefits, and overall price; Today, we are very excited we did decide to go solar and have Apex Solar install the system. In the past year that we have had solar, it has produced just about 100% of our electricity. The reason for choosing Apex was because they are a local, small and very friendly company. Apex was willing to do the install while teaching us about how it all works, allowing us to be involved in the process, as well as setting up a system that met our electricity needs and budget.  The installation was done in a well organized, neat, and professional manner. There was no pressure and nothing but a positive experience. Our future with solar will definitely be helping us save on electricity costs and the environment. Solar is a great investment to make."  ~The Piccirillo Family

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